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Wedding Budget

Your Wedding Budget


It is never too soon or too late to draw up a budget for your wedding! 



One of the most important aspects to consider when you start planning your wedding is your budget.

What do you have available weighed against what you really would like to have.

WL Wedding Photography would like to assist you in planning your budget. Our Wedding Budget sheet will help you prioritize and estimate the total cost of your wedding and help you to cover all the bases so that you do not have any “surprises” during your planning process.

Our Wedding Budget divides all your wedding expenses into specific categories.

It consists of four columns; Initial Budget, Priority Level, Final Budget, Actual Spending.


Firstly you prepare your initial budget based upon your desires for the wedding day. Then you sub-divide them into different priority levels – this will be most helpful when you need to make any budget cuts, as you will have pre-defined what is most important to you and what is less important. Then you prepare your Final Budget based on your available budget and priority levels. As you finalize and pay your service providers, you complete the Actual Spending section. Our Wedding Budget (excel spreadsheet) will then calculate your savings and variances between Initial Budget, Final Budget and Actual Spending.


The key is to be honest with yourself and to clearly differentiate between what you want and what you need, but most of all – enjoy it! Planning your wedding should be just as fun as your wedding day. Every bride is unique with unique ideas and wishes for her special day.  WL Wedding Photography realises your uniqueness and with this budget planner we attempt to make your planning a breeze.



To download our Wedding Budget, please click the link below:

Excel File

PDF File

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